Cloudflare could not deal with subdomain

Hi, DNS A record set for subdomain, but not work, website can not be accessed. Any tips? Thank you.

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Please provide more details so that Community members may answer your question.

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At the very beginning my domain was registed outside, in this case, subdomain can not be accessed.
Then I transfered the domain to cloudflare, subdomain can be accessed. But no mailbox.
I need to order an external domain by my last supplier so that my mailbox works. After that the domain is a part of the external domain by my supplier. The access to main domain is ok, but subdomain does not work.

For me it is the best option that the domain should registed by my last supplier and add A recode to CF, and work for main domain and subdomain.(problem is that subdomain did not work if domain registed outside, so was forced to regist the domain by CF)