Cloudflare cookie wschkid?

Hi, i am new to all of this please bare with me.

On our wordpress site earthstoirez com we have a cookie called wschkid. I have searched the whole installation with “grep -ril wschkid *” but noting turned up. I also searched for js related cookies but found none.

So i came to the conclusion that the cookie gets added by an other service. Could i be that couldflare adds this cookie to our site?

Anyways i would like to remove it, any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Earthstoriez

Do you mean wsidchk? If so, this comes from Immunify360, probably in use by your host. See here…

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Thank you,

The cookie is called wschkid, but both seem related to “web server id check”, just my thinking. I have contacted my hosting company.

I have just paused Cloudflare, and the dam cookie is gone, does this mean that Cloudflare does add this cookie?

best Earthstoriez

In fact if i un pause the dam cookie is back. One un- usual thing is that it does not have the secure flag added.

We finally where able to find the reason for the cookie “wschkid”, our hosting company previously allowlisted our site in imunify360. That adds the cookie.

This is the response from our hosting company:

“For allowlisted domains neither captcha nor splashscreen won’t be shown regardless of the source IP, but the cookie which is set the requests, I’ve removed the domain from the allowlist and now the cookie is no longer present:”

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