Cloudflare Container Deleted by

Has anyone ever just had their Cloudflare container deleted for no apparent reason?

I was troubleshooting why my google tag manager was broken today and found that my cliudflare container was deleted. The deletion appears to be systematic - I did not carry it out. It occurred exactly 2 months after my last update to the cloudflare container.

Date: 2021-09-19T15:17:52-05:00
User IP Address:
Resource: Zone
Audit Record: 5940c722-67c6-5fdb-bf3e-ff51cf129b4e
Metadata: { "Zone name": ""}

As this came from a localhost I have to believe this was systematic but could I have been hacked? I have reviewed my emails and there is no notification or record of this deletion action there.

To be honest I am totally skeeved out here.

It would seem that domain was removed because of inactivity. Did you actually change the nameservers?

Which domain is it?

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