CloudFlare contact for non-customers

Please urgently provide a contact methods (forms, email, etc.) on the visible part of the Cloudflare website for viewers who aren’t Cloudflare customers.

Above would make easier to report (for example) issues related to Cloudflare website or protection services (virwer side)


If there’s an issue with an individual website, you should be reporting it to that site owner.

Hello and thanks for the answer. Thru my post I meant a request of making possible to contact Cloudflare support in cases (for example) if it’s services are preventing access to it’s customer’s websites due some Cloudflare based issues, like for example too short timeout time that prevent such sites from loading (and causing a 522 error)

A 522 is usually a server issue and not a Cloudflare problem. Those kind of errors should be reported to the website owner to troubleshoot, not to Cloudflare.


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