Cloudflare connection through Hummingbird plugin



I have weird situation and don’t know why it’s happening.

I have two Wordpress folders in my rental server keeping one of them as a backup. Their contents are all same and Hummingbird plugin is installed in both of them. I don’t remember which one of Wordpress site I installed it first but believe it was the second one, let’s say folder2. In order to log in folder2 I have to switch the folder pass in the server control panel.

Since I had so many 404 errors and my site for my main keyword no longer appeared in Google search results(used to be within second and third page) I decided to delete my only one site in Cloudflare and tried to clean up everything. Then, my site was back to “http” and I started checking my site in folder1 this time. I waited about a month, set up my site in Cloudflare again and tried to connect it through Hummingbird plugin in folder1 but for some reason, it connects with folder2. Why is this happening? If I delete folder2 in my rental server will I be able to connect Cloudflare with folder1? I’m afraid that I will get myself locked out and unable to log in.

I think a lot of 404 errors are coming from the site in folder1 and they have been left out of reach by Google crawler therefore, they will never disappear. That’s my guess.

Anyway, please give me some advice.

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