Cloudflare Confirmation System Broken?

I am attempting to update my registrant information. I am updating the physical address, phone and email. The email is not coming through to confirm the updated contact but I have tested the new email “[email protected]”, which is an alias of my corporate email account and it works for other email clients and domain registrars. I waited over a week and still no email. I hit the send again and it has not come through. I have checked the spam folder and there is nothing. I have already accepted the change from the old email address “”.

I tried this on my personal Cloudflare account with my own domains and replicated the same issue.

I put in a ticket but didn’t get much back in the way of help other than to say the emails were sent to me. To which I took screenshots of my inboxes and junk folders in both clients and nothing.

I tried to undo the change and just change the phone and physical address and keep the old email for now but now all 45 of my domains are in this half approved stuck state and it won’t let me cancel my request. I am hard locked, unable to fix my issue on my own, and unable to reach support for resolution.

Any ideas?

I noticed you ticket 2924453 and also verified that I can see the delivery of those emails on our end, as did the Support agent on your ticket.

Half approved for what?

Can you lease ensure the following addresses are on the allowlist at your origin mail server: [email protected] and [email protected]


I am unable to cancel the request because the old email account approved the COR update already but I cant get the email for the new one. (Screenshot Attached)

The Cloudflare Community system was able to reach my server no problem. Nothing is being filtered as spam. I checked my Admin Panel.

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Here is the other screenshot showing the message trace proving the email address works generally and other types of Cloudlfare emails get through.

There is no evidence in my system that Cloudflare Registar emails exist let alone being filtered as spam.

Thank you for the details, I flagged your ticket for my Registrar colleagues to address, the team will need to manually correct this. Sorry for the issues.