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*Hi I’m trying to connect my site to my Shopify store and a Cloudflare configuration is preventing it

I had transferred my domain from Clickfunnels to DNSsimple and now I’m trying to connect this domain to Shopify. But their SSL is not getting verified because of this Cloudflare pre existing configuration.

I need this to be removed in order to get my storefront live and working properly.

When I raised a ticket I was told to post this issue in the community and the ticket was marked as resolved even though it isn’t. Can you someone remove this configuration so that I can connect my store to the domain without issues?

Ticket no: 2271656

Thank you

I’m still trying to figure out if Shopify Support is lazy or incompetent. It’s definitely one of the two. They have a very expensive support contract with Cloudflare to fix problems such as this. I see your ticket came back as Resolved (it isn’t). That doesn’t happen when Shopify opens a ticket. Heck, they even get a 1-hour response time. Keep pushing Shopify to fix this.

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So should I ask the Shopify agent to open a ticket here on Cloudflare? I hope that’s a possibility as it’s driving me nuts going back n forth with 3 different support teams and no solution.

You pointed your DNS to their IP address and/or hostname. Why are they giving you the runaround? They should know how to fix their stuff. Landlords don’t go telling their new tenants to call Baldwin Locks when they can’t get their key to work the first time they need to get into their new apartment. “Oh, the previous tenant must have done something. Run along now and call these other people.”

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