Cloudflare configuration - DNS change and IP

Hi everybody,
I’m new in the world of Cloudflare and CDN in general, so I apology if the question would result stupid for experts.
I’ve already searched on Cloudlfare FAQ and also here in the community but I haven’t found an answer, so: here we are!

I have to configure Cloudfalre CDN on my website, so cloudflare gave me the nameserver. In the DNS configuration of my registrar I can see the 2 nameserver I have to change but also 2 relative IP address.
Do I have to change also these ones? Cloudflare doesn’t say anything about IP change but if I try to save, my registrar alert me that I didn’t change the IP addresses and to confirm if I’m sure about this.

Thank you for your help!


Most registrars don’t ask for IP addresses, but if yours needs the IP addresses of the Cloudflare name servers, post the names of those name servers and we can let you know the IP addresses. Or you can look them up at:

thank you for your answer!
I can’t understand how to use the tool you link me. It seems to check only DNS propagation, I can’t find anything about IP address…
I still need your help, sorry!

The nameserver are:

Thank you!


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