Cloudflare Condoning Fraud?



So I have my namservers within my cloudflare account. But my email has been compromised and therefore my cloudflare account. I own all the domains and every associated account is exclusively paid for and in my name.

Now from the link below, you can see that I was still billed for their “uninterruptted service” addressing me by name at my company address. It was also paid with a company PayPal Account that I own, in my name.

Cloudflare Invoice

So all I was asking is for my account to be restored to how it was before unauthorized changes were made, or that a password reset link be sent to a backup account I had. I even provided the LLC registration papers, the EIN from the IRS, addressed to me, and the purchase receipts of the compromised G Suite, Doman, Cloudflare, and also proof that I’m the WHOIS registrant contact along with my ID.

Could someone explain to me how anyone could consider this ethical? Now someone has hijacked my website and is currently using the services I pay for because I apparently can’t prove I’m the owner.

I’m honestly at a loss for words.


Our support team told you the limitations we have in making changes to an existing customer account and gave you recommended next steps. I’m sorry you don’t like the answer, but you have a path forward if you have positive control at your registrar.


They’ve hacked my email account so I can’t log into anything. But I have records from the State of Wyoming, the IRS, ICANN with WHOIS, invoices from Cloudflare for services that I can’t even access. You billed my company PayPal account which is in my name, and I have proof of purchase of all domains, VPS, & G Suite accounts. I was also the one who originally opened the account and was listed on it before it was seized and changed.

How can you make the argument that the people, who the original account owner who makes the payments is saying fraudulently seized his account, are the rightful owners when they neither pay for the domain, nor the cloudflare service? What proof of ownership have they provided you that I can’t prove The account was created by me and/or either currently pay for?


Cloudflare has not made that argument. We have provided you with the steps required to sign up the domain to Cloudflare using another account and demonstrate positive control of the domain.


I cannot do that as they’ve seized my G Suite account, and have effectively, illegally mind you, locked me out of most accounts associated with my business. Why can’t I just access the account I’ve already created? Oh, because someone who DOESN’T pay for it has access now?

Who is listed on the account? Who was listed on the account 2-3 weeks ago? Who was listed on the account when I was billed Feb 28th? Who has always paid for your services with the ONLY company account that’s in my name? Because you’ll surely take my money, yet not grant me access into the account I opened.

Were there any log ins from unusual IPs on the account? And were account credentials changed after one of those log ins? Because looking back through my emails, there’s a chain from cloudflare detailing such.

And so now if the rightful owner who STILL continues to generate revenue for your company is merely asking for access back into that very account in which his payment method is housed, you’re going to deny him access yet continue to bill him?

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