Cloudflare community account transfer

I had deleted my cloudflare account from dashboard which was associated with my cloudflare community account @cloudcreatr but when I recreated account with same email address and login to community I get this error

If someone could help transfer my cloudflare community account to current one would good

I don’t see any deleted accounts.

Once you delete an account from the dash or ask to have your community account deleted, you cannot reuse that email for a period of time. So, it looks like you did not actually create a new account with that same email, you may have tried and the system gave you that error.

Can you try to login to your original account using the original email? After that if you want to change account details, these resources may be helpful or consult this #CommunityTip:

The account is deleted,

I used this

Delete user button

Then created a new account @cloonan

This is a secondary account as I can’t access community through @cloudcreatr I want retrieve it

I understand that. What happens if you go to this page and enter your domain name?

After you do that, check the email account that you believe you removed (again, I do not see any deleted account)

I also get a confirmation email

I am trying to recover community account of this @cloudcreatr

Could cloudflare team please help me to recover my cloudflare community account

:arrow_up: is different than :arrow_down:
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 4.51.02 PM

So the email you entered is associated with a valid account, that jibes with

What happens if you go to

Dropping this here for reference -

Let’s consider my main account be x

I deleted the x account which was associated with XE email.

Now when I create a new account Y with same email
XE then I created Y account successfully with no problem.

But the problem is in community

I want cloudflare community account which was associated with account X to be transfer to Y. Since I am using the same email when I try to login using email XE into community I get this

Hope you understand @cloonan

Do you receive a reset email?

Yes I receive the email!


Note: the email in the above Photo and topic is different it’s not associated with this account from which I am replying

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OK, can you verify? Did you receive the email to the account associated with @cloudcreatr? Can you login to that account now?

LMK once you are successfully able to login and if you’d like for us to merge the posts from @omnaidu42 into the account @cloudcreatr.

@omnaidu42 is Just for communicating with you (because I can’t access the community using the email associated with @cloudcreatr )

Try re-sending the email, maybe the verification link expired?

Let me explain again @cloonan

I had a email [email protected] which is connected with @cloudcreatr.

I deleted the Cloudflare account with the email [email protected] but the community account for that account is exist that is @cloudcreatr

Now what I did

After deleting the account, I created a new account with the same email [email protected] in cloudflare when I try to login using the email [email protected] with new account in community I get this


So what I want is to merge the old community account with [email protected] to Newly created cloudflare account with same [email protected]

All the images of this topic we’re of [email protected] of my newly created cloudflare account and not associated with the @omnaidu42. It’s just for communicating with you. Hope you understand and solve my problem

The additional details are not really helpful. Answering this question would be

I will deactivate the @cloudcreatr Community account and send you another activation email as that will answer my question.

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@cloonan thanks a lot :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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Could you also add my account the feature to edit post after I publish it, my other account has that features

I bumped you up a trust level @cloudcreatr lmk if that gives the edit ability. And, lmk if you’d like me to merge the accounts here.

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Ya got the notification and now I can edit and do more things with that, thanks a lot @cloonan

Have great day cloonan

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