Cloudflare, coming through Yes or No?

Hi, I am filing a DMCA with various websites and I have mastered most of the process.
However, an online hosting checker indicates that the following websites: and are coming through CloudFare servers.
On filling out the CloudFare DMCA online form, I get the message that the above 2 websites are not coming through CloudFare, so I can not fill out the online form! Any suggestions or advice would be great.
Also on another note, how does one find out what Internet Service provider a website is using as it would be another arrow in my bow.
Sorry if I am in the wrong place to ask these questions.

Regards, Paul

Hi @andrewreynoldsdmca,

Those sites do look to me like they are going through Cloudflare! Generally, you can’t see the host of a site running through Cloudflare, but once the DMCA goes through to Cloudflare, they may tell you.

I presume you have tried multiple times and made sure the domains you have submitted are correct?

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