ssl cert failing on digitalocean spaces

Really don’t if this an error I have made in cloudflare or digitalocean:

Edge: Im a new user so cant post this
Subdomain: Im a new user so cant post this

Cert was added to digital ocean as a custom sub domain

We are getting a bad cipher message, see here: please see attached:

screen shot showing cert address is correct

I can’t post the info I need for support and ask a thorough question with good info so I can get a good answer. Nor can I edit my question once posted. Come on!

I need to be able to post more than 1 link and image

What kind of support is this for paying customers???

:wave: @8ii,

This is a community forum. An actual support ticket can be opened here:

The edge certificate provided by Cloudflare covers your root domain and * The domain you’re attempting to use is a 3rd level domain not covered by the Cloudflare issued certificate. So there is no valid cert for a connection from a user’s browser to Cloudflare’s edge.

In your screenshot you have an origin cert, that is a cert issued/trusted by Cloudflare to secure the connection between Cloudflare’s edge and the origin server.

You can purchase a SAN cert (custom cert with custom hostnames) which covers that 3rd level domain or use a 2nd level hostname covered under the wildcard.


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