minor html error

There’s an html minor issue on this page:

… the heading “Enterprise” is too large for it’s container and the end “e” has spilled out to the next line.

I couldn’t find a support email, so I’m posting here.



What is your screen resolution? It looks fine to me

The website uses a responsive design. Here’s a screenshot of it at 768px, broken more. The headings are statically sized while their encompassing containers are dynamically altered in relation to the window size.

Just to add, that first screenshot was from 1600 x 900 display.

reduce the resolution of your search engine. its not the html error. adjust the resolution according to your screen (from setting)

Sorry, but it appears you’re 100% wrong. It has nothing to do with my settings. I’m set at 100% zoom, it’s not the browser, it happens in Chrome and FF, both set at 100% zoom, whether the screen is maximised or smaller than full-screen mode. It’s the CSS of the Wordpress implementation - again, the heading is set to a static size while its container shrinks, causing the overflow.

And, before anyone else attempt to provide a client-side solution for a server-side problem, let me say this - I didn’t post because I wanted a solution, I posted as a way to lightly mock the website developer for not testing his code before implementing - this can’t be fixed client-side, it’s not a user-based issue.

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