Hello, I am seeing extreme latency across all sites and from several isps this morning. Is there a major cloudflare issue reported?

Edit: I have checked the status page and don’t see anything. I checked several data centers and isps on the east coast and in all cases see lags of up to 60 seconds per page.


Unlikely. What is your domain?


Paid account and been on cloudflare for months. When we access it directly speed is fine. Started this morning sometime or overnight, and I had several developers in different states verify the slowness.


Loaded fine for me, about three seconds. Can you open the developer tools in your browser and post a screenshot of your network tab. That should show where it might slow down.


I suspect its regional. I see this issue from Tampa, Fl and have a developer in Atlanta GA with same results.


Thats 21 seconds for the main document. Yes, that might be an issue with the local datacentre you are routed to, unless your server suddenly started to impose such a delay for requests from that datacentre.

You can check that at

At this point I’d open a support ticket. Also, post the ticket number here so @cloonan can track it.

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Thanks for your help. We are pretty certain its not our local infrastructure, as if the page is accessed over the vpn (using the same WAN in Rhode ISland) site speed is fine, which is why I suspect its the cloudflare center. Also another url to Amazon AWS in VA is also slow. I will try opening a ticket.


Global results are all over the place (no pun intended). Ranging from super fast to one minute.


Thanks, not sure why I didn’t think to test that way earlier except that my hair was on fire from the outage and my thinking process was not working as well as normally.

It’s back to normal, now with 1-2 seconds all over. I can’t say for certain why. In a panic we threw a whole bunch of stuff at the problem that “shouldn’t matter”, so I can’t say for certain if it just cleared up somewhere or one of our actions made a difference.

Now I can spend the rest of the day trying to figure that out. :slight_smile:

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Also wanted to mention which can be useful for determining if there is potentially a regional issue which might impact performance in addition to the cdn-gi link above.

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