account does not show Cloudflare nameservers to use for existing domain names - where to get from?

I am trying to do a “full” set-up with Cloudflare (free package). Our webhost has full integration with Cloudflare in their cpanel and told us that if we wish to have the full set-up rather than the partial one we currently have, then we have to use Cloudflare’s namservers rather than the webhost’s which is currently the case.

However, our interface doesn’t show us the Cloudflare nameservers to use.

Please see below screenshot from our Cloudflare account.

Can somebody please let us know which exact nameservers we need to use?

Our domain name registrar is Godaddy and we would add the Cloudflare namservers there.

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your co-operation.

As it says, you’re using a hosting partner setup. You need to disable that before you can add your own.

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