Cloudflare CNAME record format

I am trying to validate a domain on Cloudflare’s servers for the benefit of our SSL provider and webhost, UKFast.

UKFast’s instructions say:

  1. Copy the following content: …
  2. Add the following CNAME record into your DNS Manager, using the copied content above as the value:

If I set up a new CNAME record on Cloudflare I am offered two text field to complete: NAME and TARGET.

Please can anyone tell me what I should place in each field?

It sounds like this is what they want. For “Name”, your domain name is automatically added, so you only need the first part. The comodoca hostname is the Target. Make sure Proxy Status is :grey:.

Hi sdayman!

Thansk so much for taking a moment to advise. Really helpful.

Have now set up that CNAME on Cloudflare and will return to webhost tomorrow to see if the certificate verifies.

Thanks again for your help.

Laurence Blume

07931 346398
[email protected]

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