CLOUDFLARE CNAME not work to s3 bucket

I have 3 websites hosting on CLOUDWAYS Linode.

I use WP Offload Media Lite to upload WordPress Media image to s3 bucket, and Custom Domain by adding CNAME in CLOUDFLARE.

2 of them work well with WP Offload Media Lite plugin and S3 bucket and CLOUDFLARE , but only 1 site has problem with CLOUDFLARE in using “Custom Domain (CNAME)”

I’ve uploaded Media to S3 bucket which named “my-bucketname” by WP Offload Media Lite plugin, and it works well,all images have been uploaded to s3.

But I also want to DELIVERY images through Cloudflare , when I change Provider with Cloudflare and use Custom Domain with adding a CNAME in Cloudflare to the target “” , all images in s3 bucket will not show.

Here is setting in WP Offload Media Lite

Here is DNS settings in CLOUDFLARE

I’ve check all the settings of those 3 website, and make them all the same.
I have no idea if there is something wrong with that website?

I followed this:

and finally resolved it .

There is a Cloudflare specific Support article.

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