Cloudflare CNAME DNS record for our domain are not published

We’ve implemented Stripe payments on our website. We’d like to verify the domain and send emails from it. Would you please check for any issues and confirm the steps we need to perform in order to have our 7 cname DNS published and working? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

PS: We’ve already talked to Stripe team and they could not see the DNS settings public. We tried it ourselves with DNS Lookup - Check DNS Records and we confirm the issues. We might be missing something. Please advise us how to proceed.

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As mentioned in a gazillion threads about the same topic, you’ll need to unproxy your DNS records → :grey:

Already did it. Doesn’t work. Thank you for the advise :wink:


What’s the hostnames?

That’s the domain. I asked for the hostnames you are trying to set up.

As written in the post, we are trying to set up stripe payments. Not really sure what I should look for under “I asked for the hostnames you are trying to set up.”?

All right, just post a screenshot of your DNS records in this case.

The records seem to be correctly in place and resolve just fine.

nslookup -type=cname
Address:   canonical name =

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

However, we still receive the same result in our stripe account… similar to the DNS lookup results.

I am afraid that’s something you need to clarify with your provider. As far as the DNS records on Cloudflare are concerned, they are in place and resolve correctly. You simply need to check with your provider if you actually configured the right settings.

For example, does not resolve.

Already talked to Stripe and they couldn’t read the CNAME records. Will talk to them again. Thanks!

The question is if what you configured is what they expect, but that’s something you can only clarify with them. The records you configured are correctly in place and resolve fine to what you defined.

If you configure any other, just make sure they are not proxied.

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