Cloudflare CNAME cropping


I trying adding CNAME record “” to cloudflare DNS, but perhaps cloudflare use CNAME cropping ?!
I copy " " to cloudflare CNAME input name and press save settings, Then I what to check this CNAME input, I see " psrp" remain only, not " "

Also Im trying to check my domain on “MX Lookup tool”, this say me than “return path” is incorrect

Can anybody help with it?

That’s correct. DNS entries for subdomain only show the subdomain. The rest of the domain is hidden. I just checked that hostname, and it’s in DNS as a Proxied (:orange): hostname. This converts it to an “A” record. If you need it to be a CNAME, then you need to set it go :grey: (DNS Only).

Thank you! It works!

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