Cloudflare CMS

Ok, TBH i love strapi because of its flexibility without sacrificing performance

now that Google has turned the switch from Desktop First Approach to Mobile First Approach
most of the existing CMS is Desktop First CMS, Mobile First CMS [which can support flutter, svelte, framework7 to start with} will be helpful

Wordpress, Wix etc mostly work on drag and drop content management
Similarly Cloudflare CMS should also be drag and drop widgets kind of CMS with API endpoints for each widgets

Create Widgets > Generate API endpoint/ShortCodes > Use in app/web

We,ll if Cloudflare is serious on Mobile First Approach lets dive into next problem{gap}

Managing Content - Well most CMS can do that, but multiple language pages with deep link URLs for mobile app integration is a daunting task

if Cloudflare can simplify pages.cloudflare like the below [developers and non developers will rejoice!]