Cloudflare client certificate does not work properly

I have a client certificate from Cloudflare, on Android and Linux it always works (with Chrome). But I mostly use Linux with Firefox, and there it works sometimes and sometimes not :confused:

I have already deleted all data (cookies etc.), and used the private browser, has brought nothing.

The weird thing is that it works after a while. e.g. I start firefox in the morning and want to go to the corresponding page and it doesn’t work, but when I do something else and try it again later it works, and when I do something else again (in firefox or other programs, it doesn’t matter) it doesn’t work again.

And it doesn’t matter if I use the private browser or not.

I have also already replaced the certificate and I have tried a legacy pkcs12 certificate, all has done nothing

(All certificates were in pkcs12 format)

Does anyone have any idea what this can be?


Did you get any error messages, print screen that you could share, please?
Did you try on another laptop?
Did you notice if your devices had a recent updates that could cause the issue?