CloudFlare Client API is currently returning 500 error

The China colo request is throwing 500s:

$ curl -fsSL
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 500 

It has been throwing 500s for about 45 minutes.

The regular IP list is not throwing 500s:

$ curl -fsSL

I would like to request that in the future, rather than throwing errors, a best effort should be made to return the last successful results. We query these ranges to update security groups, and when the call fails, our automation to update security groups fails. We would rather not have to build in caching to our own solution, so if the API can handle that for us, that would be greatly appreciated.

This has also broken the Cloudflare Go library which has in turn broken the Terraform Cloudflare provider when using the cloudflare_ip_ranges data resource.

Hooray, it’s fixed Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare IPs API endpoint errors

Thanks for the update @user15569 .

Hopefully one of the devs reads this eventually… :slight_smile: I wonder if there’s an official way to report services being down?