Cloudflare CLI questions how to change to non-proxy status

While I am using Cloudflare CLI to add A record to my Cloudflare account
such as this
cfcli -a -t A add 3hk -e [email protected] -k in-RipHRCY6-VjWYwvUoHVIubDHahc0j
It will add a proxy A record
But I want a record with non-proxy status.
At control panel I can do it,but how to do it by using CLI?
I want some guidance.

You can use command below to install cli at linux
Install via npm
yum -y install npm
npm install -g Cloudflare-cli

Any other CLI tools to achieve my goals is appreciated.

That is a third party tool and you’d need to clarify this with the author.

That being said, you should probably omit the -a parameter.

Furthermore, if that is your real key in -k you should probably change that straight away, as you just posted it publicly.

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Great thanks
it works. omit the -a
the API key is a example,not real.
Yeah,but original author doesn’t work for this project for years.

Version 4 was only published two weeks ago.

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I am new to the programming
So there is a lot I don’t know
I thought the mail sender is the author



Sorry for the delay in replying to this, I haven’t been working on this project. Hopefully you managed to resolve this issue. If not can you please try running the command

cfcli -a -t A add 3hk -e [email protected] -k f3f3eedae298 -d

And see if that works.

So I assume this project doesn’t update for long times.

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