Cloudflare classified all my emails SPAM

Since they day I turned on Cloudflare on my website, all emails sending from my website are classified as SPAM. These emails are coming from a Contact Form on my website. I am using Sendinblue as my SMTP service for the Contact Form and this is what I received:

550-Your message to <[email protected]> was classified as SPAM. 550-Please add more content, cut down on HTML links, use fewer naughty words 550-etc. Also, ask your IT dept to make sure your mailserver has REVERSEDNS, 550 SPF, DKIM, and is not on any black lists. Your score: 100

When I temporary Pause Cloudflare on my site, then everything is running smoothly.

What can I do on Cloudflare to avoid this situation?

Add Records as the warning calls it:

You need to set the SPF, DKIM, DMARC records. This #tutorial be of help adding those records:

What has Sendinblue suggested is impacting delivery?

Your web server will be connecting to your Sendinblue account from its own IP whether Cloudflare is active or paused.

I am curious about the origin of the SMTP failure message. Is your message being rejected by Sendinblue or is your domain mailbox issuing that rejection?

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