CloudFlare: Child sites are slowly loading images from main site (main site is super fast)

Hi Cloudflare community people :slight_smile:

We have an un-solved speed issue with 27 child sites on the domain.

The child sites are loading the images from the main site but by doing this it slows down the image loading very much on the child sites.

So, if you go to (the main site) and you browse around you will experience that it is very quickly loading the images (and all else) whereas if you go to the footer and jump to the child sites (translated sites) you will see that their image loading is very slow (compared the very quickly loading on the main site).

It is surely because each site has their own htaccess file so when a child site is loading an image on the main site 2 htaccess files need to be run. In this, we are basically asking to load the images like it was from a different domain (even though we see it as the same domain), hence the delay.

We cannot copy out all the images so each child site has its own set of (identical) images as this will increase the number of images extremely much and the administration gets too complex as well.

After having tech crises with clients, we have always ended up with a good solution at Cloudflare at some point. The domain + DNS is hosted at Cloudflare.

If there is no site nor webserver solution to the challenge, perhaps a Cloudflare solution can be found?

Thank you for your time and advice :slight_smile:

You have a broken image file on all the translated sites that is not on your main site:

This image blocks loading the other images, and it always returns a 301 redirect to the translated site itself, so the image isn’t even working.

Request URL:
Status Code: 301 Moved Permanently

You can see the broken image at the top, and the red line behind it that shows when all the other images start loading (they are at the bottom of the screenshot).
Things should be a lot faster if you fix the problem with that image.


Hi Laudian :slight_smile:

You are completely correct. We had 2-3 image 301-redirects on each child site which was the reason for the delay. We have fixed it now for the UK site and will fix the rest of the child sites soon. The UK site is now nearly as fast as the main site.

So now we are looking into if we can get the loading of images from the main site at the child sites to go even faster.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


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