"cloudflare checking your browser" from my ip only

Good day, taking "Cloudflare checking your browser on site pathofexile.com " and other sites also, but the one whitch i need is only pathofexile.com
While using VPN even on the same country, where i am at the moment, after turning vpn on i can surfing without any problems. Is it possible, that my ip is any sort of blacklist on cloudware database, because ive asked pathofexile support team, and they said im not in any blacklists and problem is on the Cloudflare side
Tell me please,
How i can fix that, ty

It will be because of some Cloudflare feature they use. Cloudflare will not disclose customer configuration so it’s best to continue talking to them. They should be able to check their Cloudflare Firewall Events based on your IP and/or the RayID shown on the challenge page to see which feature is challenging you.

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I show to pathofexile support your answer, and all they sad was
Hi there,
This appears to be a posting, and may not be helpful to figuring out what Cloudflare may be concerned about.
I would advise contacting them here:
Is there anything, whitch i can do as user?

Not really, they should be the one concerned with helping their customer - this should be easy for them to see what security setting you triggered but Cloudflare will not disclose this.

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sorry for bothering you once again, but i have noone to ask futher :c

On you last sentence “this should be easy for them to see what security setting you triggered” whitch ive send to them - they answered:
“Our team has looked into this and they have confirmed that it doesn’t appear to be related to any actions taken on our end I’m afraid.”

so, seems like no happy on for me ? :frowning:

P.S. Checked my ip on ProjectHoneyPot and no results on it:
“We don’t have data on this IP currently”

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