Cloudflare Checking if the site connection is secure

Hello. I’m NOT a site owner, just a regular user. I have to use this option to ask, because I didn’t find any other. Recently I got this “Cloudflare Checking if the site connection is secure” message on many sites and it agetting more and more annoying (solving captcha eech time I visit it). Can anyone explain what is going on? From what I understand, my IP (or more likely the range - I’ll explain later why) is in some kind of blacklist. I’m curious how that happened (no, there is no malware) and how to get whitelisted. I have a dynamic IP provided from my internet provider, so 1st thought was that maybe someone who used that IP before me somehow used it in inappropriate way (I ended up once on some open surveys support forum under absolutely unknown identity) - and that’s the reason I see the message. IP changed a couple of times since the first message, but I still have to prove that “I’m not a bot”. So I guess it’s a whole range blacklisted? I’d like to know what exactly is the reason (maybe some of my browser addon or something else I’m not aware of caused this) and how to whitelist my IP back. Thank you!

The website owner decided to use protection & security measurements for some kind of requests, or based on some criteria like country, user-agent, etc. that’s why you’re experiencing the regular “Cloudflare JS challenge page”.

The website owner can modify the challenge passate time like you can experience this at least each 5min or longer.

Are you using TOR web browser or a VPN maybe?

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No, no VPN nor TOR (not even once). The thing is, I got the message on multiple sites, even on sites I didn’t visit for month. Looks like my IP is in some kind of Cloudflare blacklist and every site using Cloudflare (and the list) now force me to prove that I’m not a bot.

Anyone from Cloudflare support maybe?

I have the exact same issues, it seems cloudfare t can’t make a proper bot check and refuses to comment on the issues it creates. Sites are left simple inaccesible with nothing to do on our end, from what i’ver scoured about related issues. It’s a waiting game until they get it together and stop releasing unfinished work.

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Tried to reach them on their official Cloudflare support e-mail address - it just redirects over and over again: do, this, buy that - nonsense! Basically if you want a support you need to buy a CF plan, I’m just a regular user, I DON’T use Cloudflare as a site owner, sites I do visit use it. The “contact the sites owners” advice is also useless, it means I have to contact EVERY second (ok, maybe every third) site I visit :-)))))

@spoore If you are not the owner, then there’s no direct option to modify the JS challenge as mentioned by @fritex

Alternatively, you can check for browser-cross-check compatibility if those challenges are repetitive.