Cloudflare Checking if the site connection is secure and site spins

I’m receiving an error on justeats, udemy, etc. The error is: “Cloudflare Checking if the site connection is secure” on firefox browser. The sites just spin and never actually take me to a site. I’m unable to test on any other browser and I’ve looked through several threads with no 100% certain answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Do you have any ad blocking browser extensions as those can sometimes block what is used to check your connection.

I use turbo adblocker and adblock plus. With both disabled, Udemy provides the checking error. Just Eats however is providing an “Access Denied” message with something from Cloudflare at the bottom of the page. No VPN or anything like that.

The spinning error?

Is it the 1020 error or a different error code?

Udemy is spinning. Just Eats is giving code 1020 Access Denied.

Can you try a different browser?

You need to contact the site owner and ask them to unblock. If you send them the ray ID then they will be able to find why you were blocked and adjust if they want to.

Thank you.

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