Cloudflare cheating with Traffic Argo

i order Subscription for Traffic Argo to use it for one domain name
after days i found it’s not help no different
so i stop it from green button at Traffic Argo page

and the end of month , i shocked when Cloudflare send full whole month bill

for option not enabled , just used it for days

i send then requests/2379705
then reject to refund used days back

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I’m afraid the community cannot help, if billing are already on your ticket then you will need to address this with them. If they will not issue a refund then nothing the community can do will make a difference.


sure , i know , i just telling take care , then gave your option
after if to disable

and at the end any way will pay whole month

Hi @ch12,

I checked your account and the usage for Argo and can confirm the usage and charges as well as the end to the charges when you toggled Argo off. Sorry that you were not happy with the service.


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