Cloudflare charged monthly fee for ssl 5 times per 2 days

As you see on the screen from my Paypal account - it chardged 5 times per $5. But my certificate not renewed. What is going on?

It was the first thing what I done. But I haven’t got any response during 28 hours.

Share your ticket number here and @cloonan should be able to have a look at it.

I haven’t saved it because usually helpdesk service allows client to get list of his opened requests. But not in Cloudflare. I think that my account on linked with accound and you can find my request (I hope so). Or try find by my email: molodchick at gmail dot com

If you go to (or from the link in the email) and log in you will see the requests as with all zendesk solutions.

Not so intuitive. Request #1631095

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It’s linked as “Help Center” in the dashboard as well as in the e-mail, while I agree they could do something little better it’s linked just fine.

Thank you, @molodchick, I see it and will keep an eye out to ensure the team closes the loop with you.

Edit - Hi @molodchick, sorry for the issues you faced. It looks like the team has closed the loop with you. If you have any other issues or questions, please let us know & thank you.