Cloudflare charged me double fee

Today, I changed the plan to pro plan from free plan, and then I changed it to the free plan. And at last I changed it to the pro plan. Why they charged me $20 x 2 = $40?

Well, if you purchased the Pro plan twice you obviously were charged twice. That is what happened from your description, right?

You might want to contact support in this case.

But they said when I deleted the plan and I would get the credits for the next charge.

Did they? AFAIK there are no refunds when you cancel a plan. Anyhow, it is best to contact support.

And I noticed that after I deleted the dedicated certificate subscription (included in the pro plan and they are $25), after that the dedicated certificate is exist and can be used.
I think it’s a bug.

Is it a bug? The subscription is empty and the dedicated certificate can still be used

Hi @junrongit,

This is the third post about the same thing. Please do not create duplicate topics, it will slow down responses.

Thank you.

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On the actual question:

Do you have the dedicated certificate showing under Billing > Subscriptions?

I am not sure, but it may be that it will remain until the month you have paid for is up. If so, I would think you have to cancel the dedicated certificate separately to cancelling the plan…

But they gave me back the credit.(Because I charged for pro plan and the credit was used for it)

So you got the money back. Then everything is okay I guess.

Nope. The money problem has not been solved.

You just said they gave you back the credit.

They have no connection. The credit is just for the dedicated certificate. In fact, I was charged for the twice pro plan fee.

Then please dont mix them up :wink:

As I already wrote four hours ago, you need to contact support.

I have waited for the half day and there is no response. The price page said that about 2 hours they will reply me.

A couple of hours is not enough, they will eventually get back to you.

The forum here cant help I am afraid.

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