Cloudflare charge more than its bill for domain transfer


I made a domain transfer (.biz) to CloudFlare. The bill show the bill is $12.81. But CloudFlare charged my paypal for $13.58 ($0.77 more). Why there is an extra $0.77 charges?

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That would be roughly 6%.

Could that be some sort of sales tax or VAT, applicable to your invoice address?


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Is your PayPal account in USD, or another currency?

If it was an exchange rate issue the amount in the base currency would be “higher” but the US dollar amount would not change.

The VAT is charged by CloudFlare? If yes, than they should include that in my bill.

Well, it does seem to be included. That’s why I posted the screenshot.

Which invoice country did you specify?

Country: Malaysia. and should not has VAT.
During the checkup, it does not show the VAT.

Then that will be it as Malaysia has a sales tax of 6%.

I can confirm this is true. Malaysia is charging 6% DST (Digital Service Tax).

This is our invoice which shows 6% DST on top of our 20 USD Pro plan:


Malaysian here :wink:

Also, during the checkout, it already told you that your invoice will include any taxes isn’t it :wink:

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