Cloudflare changing my A records to my old server IP automatically

So, Cloudflare is changing my A record to my old server IP automatically. This started happening when I changed my hostinger India server to the USA server.

Cloudflare doesn’t change DNS records on its own.

Are you saying the DNS record in your account is changing IP addresses back after you set it?

Are you using Ezoic?


Yes I am using ezoic and I have changed the DNS records on ezoic too.

If it is still happening, you best change your password and API key/token to stop whatever is getting into your account and changing your IP address.


I guess the problem is solved now but my website became a lot slower than before

Problem started again even after doing everything

Let me tell you in brief

I migrated my website’s server from India to USA inside hosting (I didn’t changed my hosting)
Then the website went down for more than 24 hours
I didn’t knew what was happening back then

I came to know after 2 days that the A records and Cnames in Cloudflare DNS section have been changed back to my previous server IP

I changed them and my website came back live just to go 404 again after 2 hours
same problem
DNS records have been changed inside Cloudflare

happened for 3 days

then I posted a thread here and got suggestion from you
I changed the DNS records in ezoic too and updated everything back

My website was working fine and fast and today it went this site is not reachable again and I checked Cloudflare, the records were changed again

I changed them back but this time my website is not coming back online

Did you change your password and API key?

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yes i did

You should review the audit log to determine who / what IP address made the change and revoke any existing API keys, scripts and passwords. Cloudflare isn’t editing your DNS records on your behalf.

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The problem has been solved
However, Ezoic has stopped tracking visits and earnings have stopped too on my website. By any chance, you guys can help with that?

This issue started with Ezoic, so you should take this up with them.

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