Cloudflare Changes Yesterday? Allowed IP is now getting blocked

Some kind of change took place yesterday at Cloudflare.
We have an IP that is now magically getting blocked regardless of how we try to allow it in.
Prior to yesterday, the ip could access our site.
Then yesterday, the ip cannot access our site.
We then added a specific rule by IP address, then User Agent, then AS# and the rule shows the attempt and Skips as it should since it’s allowed, yet the IP can’t reach our site.
The ONLY way the IP can reach our site now is if we put Cloudflare in development mode.

So, what changes did cloudflare make yesterday that they decided not to inform their users about???

It wouldn’t be magic. What reason does the Cloudflare Firewall provide for the block?

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It shows “Skip” on the matched IP so the packets should arrive but they don’t. All other rules etc are turned off.

When you search for the RayID of the blocked request here, what reason is stated there?

“action”: “skip”,

It shows “skip” as if the packets are free to continue onto the destination yet we don’t see them and the remote query to our site fails.

As soon as we put in Development Mode, everything works fine.

So it’s acting as if it’s “allowed” yet cloudflare still blocks.
No config changes anywhere on cloudflare or our site, just stopped working yesterday.

Cloudflare announced new “AI” bot protection yesterday so wondering if they rolled this out and didn’t tell anyone or provide any flags/toggles to disable.

Do you maybe have some O2O setup, meaning your host is also using Cloudflare?

Development mode disables caching, so I could imagine that your host blocked your request once, and since then you always see the same cached block page.

Did you try purging cache?

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Purging cache doesn’t do anything. It’s really a strange problem.
I have very little config setup in cloudflare.
2 days ago, no issues and no changes (like 100% no changes from us)
Yesterday during global outage, issue presented.
It’s as if the “skip” isn’t skipping or allowing the IP’s even though it’s showing “skip”.

Is the RayId the same every time or does it change?

Hey, thanks for your idea on Caching! I got it fixed now… Super odd… but here was the flow.
We made remote API call to 3rd party to grab files from our server.
With Development Mode off, our logs showed ZERO requests.
With Development Mode on, the requests arrived and logged as expected.
So added a page rule for our dir to EXCLUDE caching, deployed, and viola!! All working now.
So if pic1 was just uploaded, it seems Cloudflare didn’t have it cached so would return to 3rd party that nothing was available, rather then cloudflare checking their cache and saying "gee, nothing is cached, mayber we should allow the site request to go through, nahh, just respond with “nothing found” to our 3rd party.
Now that the dir is set to bypass, this isn’t happening as all requests are simply coming fully to our server…
Geeze, another day in paradise… lol
Thanks again for taking your time tonight in helping out!!!


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