Cloudflare changed my server to cloudflare instead of lightspeed

Am using the lightspeed server and the caching works correctly for both mobile and desktop. I used to get 97% and 100% on mobile and desktop respectively. Now my page speed has reduced to 55% on mobile because the server is now Cloudflare instead of lightspeed.

Using Cloudflare, as it’s a proxy, it will change the server your users connect to, by definition. Can you share the test that shows you those values?

The cache says HIT but the speed for mobile is not consistent. It’s now below 75%, previously it was between 95-98%. For desktop, it’s consistent at 100%.

Where do you see this value?

That’s Litespeed’s Cache Hit, there should be a Cloudflare Cache Hit as well, unless you aren’t caching HTML on Cloudflare at all.

How do I cache the HTML, because by default Clooudflare is caching all my pages? What configuration am I missing?

You need to add a Page Rule (wildcard or for the specific path) with Caching: Cache Everything set.

Please can you direct me to some documentation or article so that I can implement it correctly?

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