Cloudflare change the FIRST assigned nameserver. Why?


Go with one problem.
When I register in cloudflare they assigned me this two nameservers:

All ok, I add 5 new domains point to this nameservers and working correct but…
now in the same account go to add new domain and point to the same nameservers (dan and kim) and cloudfare said me that need to change the nameserver to point to:

This is normal?
I think that when I setup my account in cloudfare, the first assigned nameserver is forever in this account. But now view that change when I add new domains.

Sometimes a new domain in your account will need to use different name servers than the other domains. This has happened to me once on a domain I’ve since stopped using.

But if Cloudflare tells you to add two specific name servers for a site you’ve added your account, that’s what you’ll need to set them to.

Thanks for quickly response.

Pufff…this is a problem for me.
I need to add more than 100 domains in my account, if in all domains need to change different nameservers… is unfeasible.
I understood that I had a nameserver assigned to my account and I would be with it for a long time.

They’ll probably be on your main name servers, but I suspect certain situations will require a different pair. Such as if that domain was ever on Cloudflare before.

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The normal way this happens if if you change the nameservers before adding the domain to your account.

On a Business or Enterprise plan you can attach custom nameservers to your account, so all your domains use the same nameservers.

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I guess I’m abnormal, and I vigorously declare my innocence regarding changing name servers before I was supposed to. I can’t even remember which domain it was.


If you are adding 100 domains at once you are probably using the API, so it should not matter what two nameservers are required for each domain?

That is your actual problem.

You can’t do that. You first add the domain to Cloudflare and only then change the nameservers to whatever it gave you. In that way you can never run into this problem and everything else is not how you are to do that.

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No add at once. Somedays 10 other 5 other 1…
No working with APi for this moment.

pufff…but this more work.
when you add 1 or two domains per month o per year this is ok, when you go with 5-10-15 per day this is not good option.

I’m not clear why this is an issue. If you’re plugging name servers into something as part of an automated process, then that process should be able to pull the name servers from the response when you add a zone.

Well, that’s how it works and that’s the workflow you need to follow. You add a domain, are given nameservers, and set them. If you do not follow that workflow it obviously won’t work.

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Another option would be to upgrade your main domain to a Business plan, and set up the Account-Level Custom Nameservers feature, allowing you to create nameservers on your own domain that you can use for all domains you add to your account.

If you are going stick with free plans for all sites including your own, then you’ll need to set nameservers as described above.

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That thought crossed my mind, but won’t Cloudflare still complain that you’re not using the correct name servers?

If you add many domains, then you need to automate the process. That’s what I do when I bulk add domains to Cloudflare Registrar see my guide at Step 5 Namesilo API updates can also be used for just changing the nameservers too. I have no problems doing this for hundreds of domains :smiley: If you use other domain registrars, then of course you’d need to make sure their respective APIs allow updating domain’s nameserver.

I also use API to automate bulk transfer outs too


It doesn’t look like it. It did initially but then the domain went to activated state all with the nameservers never being set to the assigned servers.

I did set the account level custom nameservers enabled.

I’ve not seen that option. Where can you set that? And…that doesn’t mean all zones have to use that pair, does it?

Only need one or two A records in all domains. 200 USD / month for custom DNS is enough for me.

I have glue Records in my main domain where I have my main template for all domains.

I only use cloudfare to have SSL in all domains names. In Cloudflare the configuration is the same for all domains I added. Create A records to point to my glue records to see in all domains the same template but with SSL. Is a small landing page. As a Alias domain.

All right, then we have a completely different issue here. Your rather broken and insecure sites.

Sorry, not understand. I view the same problem with the DNS