Cloudflare change A record, doesn't change

Hi there. I removed my CNAME records that were pointed to my Kinsta server. I’ve added a (proxied) A record, both for my root (@) and www. It looks perfectly fine, the IP-address is the correct one (Cloudways). Unfortunately, when I choose proxied-mode, the server doesn’t change to the new one and the domainname still points to my Kinsta server. I already removed the A-records, and added them again. Waited for a few hours and still no change, even when the CNAME records were deleted in the beginning!

When I choose DNS mode with a TTL of 2 min, it does change it to the new server. But I need proxy mode to work.

In the past I never had any trouble setting this up. Lookslike it might be a bug on Cloudflare’s side?

Highly unlikely. It much more likely that Kinsta won’t let you proxy a different address for that hostname. Kinsta has a tendency to take over settings as soon as you :orange: Proxy a hostname.

The domain is not registered on Kinsta, and it doesn’t manage any DNS settings.
I just pointed a CNAME to Kinsta, for the root and www, and that was it.

How is it possible that they take over any settings?

Kinsta uses Cloudflare. If Kinsta hosts your site, it’s through a :orange: Proxied hostname. So as soon as you try to do the same (toggle to :orange:), their configuration takes over.

Your choices are to ask Kinsta to release your hostname, or you can open a ticket here via email to support AT cloudflare DOT com

The support guy is reaching out to their ‘systems team’, so let’s hope for the best. I never knew that this would be possible. I never allowed any control of my own Cloudflare settings. This integration is way to aggressive for my taste.

So, even when I remove my ‘domain’ from their system, I guess it would still be in a weird proxied-configuration?

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It’s like a lobster trap. Once your domain goes in, nobody wants to release it or pull it out, and it takes a lot of effort on the part of the customer (you) to fix the mess.

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