Cloudflare Certified?

Hi Folks,
Is there any certification on Cloudflare, something like Cloudflare Certified?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if that’s related to a person, or an organisation owning some like to become Cloudflare Certified Partner?
To what kind of certificate or certification process you do reffer to?

Or maybe you want to apply and for a Cloudflare Certficate for some of their product(s)?
If so, I believe @erictung might know a thing or two more about it.

Or maybe if Cloudflare possess some certifications?

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As part of our partner program, yes there are! Thank you @fritex

Yes @fritex, that’s exactly what I meant.

Cloudflare certifications including “Cloudflare Implementation Specialist - Zero Trust Services (CIS)”, “Cloudflare Solution Specialist - Zero Trust Services (CSS)”, “Accredited Services Architect - Security (ASA)”, “Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE)”, and more.

I wondered if Cloudflare had a Certification Path like known Tech vendors (Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, etc).

However, I have searched on the Internet and haven’t found any information about it. Could you guys share any links about this?

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Hi @alicmiguel21, currently the Cloudflare certifications are only open to partners who collaborate with Cloudflare to resell and provide managed services to the clients, as far as I know this is not open to the public at this moment.
However due to the broad products and services currently offered to Cloudflare including Web Application Security, Zero Trust Services, SASE and serverless computing, I think Cloudflare should be offering certifications to the public as well.

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Thank you all. I understand, I think this is what we needed to know. Closing this topic now :slight_smile:

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