Cloudflare certificate not working without https or www

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I have the domain (I’m the owner) and whenever I try to connect to the domain using just or, I don’t get the padlock in the corner (SSL). Could anyone please help me get it working?

Update; I’ve also realised that the isn’t updating when I change the source code, but is. Maybe this is something to do with DNS records? I don’t know anything about those though so if anyone could help me. I host this through the InfinityFree hosting service.


I see the :ssl:, if you’re not, clear cache, try from a mobile device, try a different browser and/or try an incognito tab. While the site loads securely from all of those links, I don’t actually see any content. And there are some errors on the page:

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Thank you so much, clearing the cache made me see the padlock. Looks like my host is also just being an idiot and not letting me update files that often. I guess that’s what I get for being cheap and getting free hosting. Thank you!

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