Cloudflare cert doesnt apply

i have a site using letsencrypt ssl before, but two days ago i implementing cloudflare ssl. i checked the site and saw it still using letsencrypt ssl, why is that. my site is thanks for helping.

Cloudflare does not issue certificates themselves. They use Let’s Encrypt and other CAs.

the left one is my testing vm, i have the same setup but doesnt ever using letsencrypt
and the right one is the vm currently i ask about. i expect the result is the same as my testing vm (left side) sorry, i dont understand yet

Cloudflare can provide Universal SSL certificates via a number of providers outlined at

Cloudflare may issue certificates for SSL products from any of the following Certificate Authorities (CAs):

  • DigiCert
  • GlobalSign
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Sectigo (formerly Comodo)

So looking at just the certificate isn’t enough. Check your HTTP response headers in your browser’s developer tools > network tab as well - should have a cf-cache-status header amongst other cloudflare headers


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