CloudFlare + CDN


I’m trying to use CDN 77 on stagin website, with CloudFlare.
But I get those errors :

Is there anything to add on cloudflare settigns?


These requests go straight to CDN77, not Cloudflare. You need to clarify with CDN77 for the issue you are having.

Yes you’re right and I did it.
But they told me maybe some settings need to be adjusted on cloudflare.
They don’t know cloudflare behavior.

Si globally, if I use cloudflare + other cdn , there is something to do from cloudflare side ?

Hello @toonetcreation

Juraj from CDN77 is here. You can use CDN77 and Cloudflare integration with few simple steps.
Check out our guide for that here: CDN77 and Cloudflare |

If there are any parts of it unclear to you, feel free to reach out to us via live chat/email. Our support team will be glad to guide you through the process.

OK I will have a look thank you :wink:

3. Make sure that Security settings are set to the lowest possible setting.

I would not be recommending this. You could have an image of an example Firewall Rule instead.

If you haven’t already, you should submit to become a “good bot”
From Frequently asked questions about Cloudflare bot products – Cloudflare Help Center

To be added to the Cloudflare allowlist, please submit this online application.

Hello @WalshyMVP

Unfortunately, there’s no firewall rule which would allow this integration.
Be it IP whitelist or AS whitelist rule - none of those have a real effect, tested & verified.

ok so this means CDN77 is not compatible with CloudFlare?

Hello @toonetcreation

We’re currently checking if there’s a possibility from our side to change the behavior. We’ve also reached out to Cloudflare with no answer, yet.

I’ll keep you updated.


ok thanks for the feedback.

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