Cloudflare CDN vs. SSL Full

Hi Cloudflare Users!

I have a problem with my site ( I’m using SSL Full (secure connection between visitor and Cloudflare, and secure connection (but not authenticated) between Cloudflare and your web server; SSL on my host). My site goes down when I’m turning off developer mode. So I guess using SSL Full and Standard Caching Level is not a good idea? On my host page I have an information that Cloudflare CDN isn’t supporting SSL on my host site.

What should I do? Page Rule “*” to bypass cache level? Or there is other answer?


Those two features shouldn’t impact each other. Dev Mode just bypasses the cache and minification.

You didn’t describe much about how your site goes down (what error is it showing?), so here are some thoughts:

  1. Clear the Cloudflare cache in the Cache tab (Purge Everything). Maybe something in the cache is messing with an expected SSL connection

  2. Turn off the Auto Minify in Cloudflare’s Speed tab.


There is no error. Just images and HTML text.

I will try these two things.


It looks like some resources aren’t loading for some reason. I’d open up a Dev Tools window in your browser and look at the Console messages. In Chrome, it’s under the View menu at the bottom.