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Can i use my own ssl certificate with cloudflare cdn pro plan

No, you need a Business or Enterprise plan.

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We are planning to buy cloudflare cdn business plan since we plan on using our own ssl certificate. I want to know any hiccups in implementation of the same (if we face any kind of issues whom to contact).

Also if a particular file gets accessed from cdn cache is there a change in the url reference.

You can just contact Cloudflare Support as usual (support AT cloudflare DOT com)

Sorry, I don’t understand this part. Maybe you can elaborate more?

If a particular image file gets accessed from cloudflare cdn is the url changed from our domain to a url like ' for example

I think you are referring to the Polish image compression part.

Cloudflare will not rename your URL or file extensions in any way. Even though Cloudflare converted an image to WebP format, the URL will still be the same (e.g. .png is still .png). Browser will refer to Content-Type for its content type instead of relying on the extension name (e.g. image/webp).

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We are planning to buy a cloudflare cdn pro plan. Since pro plan doesnot allow use of your own SSL certificate, but we do need an SSL. What are we supposed to do?

All Cloudflare plans come with an SSL certificate that is valid for your domain:

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What are the steps to apply my own ssl certificate if i buy a cloudflare business plan

Hi @diyer,

This doc explains the process:


(1) Is it possible to have your own ssl certificate at origin server and universal ssl on cloudflare

(2) If yes for the above case, is it possible to use a pro plan for this

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Yes, that’s exactly what you need. The edge certificate covers the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare and the origin certificate covers the connection between Cloudflare and your server. Just make sure your SSL/TLS mode is Full (Strict).

This setup is standard and available on all plans, including Free.


We are planning to buy a business plan CDN with a custom ssl certificate applied at cloudflare.
So, (1) Is a custom ssl certficate inclusive in business plan cost
(2) If no, how much a cloudflare custom ssl certificate cost

Yes, a custom certificate is a Business plan feature and is included in the monthly cost.

Do we have to buy a custom edge certificate or even a custom certificate provided with the plan

If you already have your own certificate that you would like served from Cloudflare’s edge, uploading a custom cert is included on the Business plan.

If you want to purchase a custom certificate from Cloudflare, that does not require a specific plan, but will be $10/month extra for the Advanced Certificate Manager.

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To clear up any confusion, there are three ways to get basic SSL/TLS/HTTPS running for your site:

  1. Universal SSL
    Universal SSL comes with all plans (Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise) and is enabled by default. It issues an SSL certificate for free and is automatically used by Cloudflare by default. It covers your domain and first-level subdomains (e.g. and *, and can only be used with your Cloudflare zone.
  2. Advanced Certificate Manager (ACM)
    ACM is a paid add-on for $10/month. It allows you to create more certificates with custom hostnames to cover more than just the first subdomain level. You could add names such as (* or * The certificates are still issued by Cloudflare and can only be used with your Cloudflare zone.
  3. Custom SSL
    This feature is for the Business plan and above. It allows you to upload your very own SSL certificate to Cloudflare which will be used instead of the previous ones. It is included in Business & Enterprise plans, but it is used - hence the name - to be able to upload your own certificate. Therefore, you’d need an already issued certificate to make use of this feature, such as from a CA like LetsEncrypt, DigiCert, or many others.

I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings, but regardless of which type of SSL you use, your basic website will most likely be covered with all of them.

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