Cloudflare CDN - SSL - Wordpress and My Checkout Domain

Hey everyone,

I’ll list out my services first.
I have CDN via Cloudflare $20 version
I have hosting on spinupwp for wordpress
I have hosting on AWS for my checkout subdomain.

My issue is that spinupwp requires full strict - when i do that - my app.domain breaks.
Not sure how to solve this.

Right now -
I have the grey cloud on my domain
The orange cloud on my subdomain

I would like to have the orange cloud on both.

Frustrated to say the least.

If SSL Mode Full Strict does not work this means the origin is not responding with a valid SSL Certificate.

Then you do bypass CloudFlares Proxy and just use it as “DNS Only”. Thats ok, but you will not profit from any of CloudFlares performance advantages on this domain then.

Can you share your domain?

Your site itself seems to provide a valid SSL Cert. Whats error exaclty do show up when you set it from DNS Only :grey: to Proxy mode :orange:?

The site stops showing up.

If I go full strict mode -

  1. shows up
  2. goes down

if i go full mode

  1. goes down
  2. goes down

This is with both orange clouds on

Sorry my mistake. I have missunderstood this.
:orange:-cloud is on for both but the main Domain just works in “Full” SSL Mode and not in “Full (Strict)”, right?

Please tell us the exact Error you will see. Even better would be a screenshot of the error.
Your origin SSL Cert seems to be to be valid and therefore I see no reason to trigger any error when in “Full (Strict)” Mode

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