Cloudflare CDN Speed


We are using Cloudflare on our website and trying to load static images and other content via a Cloudflare connected website But we have noticed that the speed is inconsistent. Sometimes the website loads faster, but sometimes it loads even slower than it would load without Cloudflare. Will upgrading to paid account resolve this issue ?

Make sure that your origin server’s cache control headers are properly set.

If you are not properly setting the cache headers Cloudflare may remove your images and other content from it’s cache before you want it to. That can cause odd performance issues to appear sporadically. It’s also important to know that Cloudflare is still proxying requests so if your origin’s server is slow to serve it’s HTML it can’t really help with that.

Maybe also consider also using R2 to serve all your static assets within the Cloudflare network. It prevents the requests from hitting your origin server which does improve request performance if bandwidth is getting tight at times. This is a common problem for an asset rich website like an ecommerce site where you have 64 images in your front page request (like yours).

Looking at this and it seems you are potentially using google’s PageSpeed module as well. That adds in latency per page request for optimization of all assets. Make sure it’s configured properly to truly cache the content within ram and not on the risk with long cache times. If you are forcing the web server to request from disk, check for the cache, and then cpu convert assets to a smaller image format; of course there will be increased latency when the cache fails.

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