CloudFlare CDN Setup

Hi, I am newbie to cloudFlare. would like to setup the CloudFlare CDN for our Portal.

what are the prerequisite to setup if we buy a Enterprise License?

Once we purchased, we should do the configuration only in Cloudflare or any other setup is required?

Cloudflare will automatically pull all the resources [ css, js ,images,…etc ] automatically or we should upload those resources to cloudflare cdn?

Hi, I believe you will find these articles useful:

While Cloudflare can increase performance and security of your website it isn’t a hosting provider, so your assets won’t be permanently stored in Cloudflare.
As for the setup, you would basically need to add the domains to Cloudflare and update the nameservers in your registrar.

I hope I was able to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks raphaelarocha.

yes got it. then only configurations are required .

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