Cloudflare CDN - Setup and URL?


I was wondering how Cloudflare CDN works? I’ve been trying to go over the support documentation and the community forums but I am none the wiser…

What I’m wondering is how I configure the CDN part from Cloudflare? Is that just the default config options in the dashboard? I only ask since nothing there references CDN so it makes it a bit confusing for me.

One other thing I’m wondering about is if Cloudflare has a specific CDN url like other companies or if I just use my own domain once it’s proxied through Cloudflare?

Hoping that I can get some clarification regarding this.

Best regards,
Óðinn Thor

Cloudflare is not a classic CDN. Others, like Akamai, have push caches where you upload your static files and deploy it to the desired regions.

Cloudflare is a pull cache and caches contentent wherever it is necessary. For example:

If your visitors are from the US and DE, Cloudflare will cache static content on nodes in the US and DE and nowhere else unless there are no requests from other countries. And it works for your whole domain and it’s sub domains.

You could generate your own CDN domain Like and store all static content there if you like.

And Cloudflare is more than a CDN. IP access Rules, Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Load Balancer, SSL for free and much more :slight_smile:

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