Cloudflare CDN serves my website even if it is not added in my account

I’ve been using Cloudflare for a few months but then I switched to EZOIC CDN due to their requirements (about 5 weeks ago).

It seems my website is still somehow linked to Cloudflare even when I don’t have it in my account: CDN Finder tool - CDN Planet

Yesterday, I also migrated from Siteground hosting to Cloudways and I experience some problems with caching.

Any suggestions on how to remove my website from Cloudflare completely?

Your host is using Cloudflare for the “www” record. Maybe you can disable this somewhere in your host’s control panel but that’s something you need to discuss with them as it is their integration and they are using Cloudflare.

Is it possible it is this setting?

The point why am I trying to solve this is that I keep experiencing page issues (the page simply sometimes looks like this in an anonymous window):

I hope this is an issue visible to me only. If my visitors see the website broken, oh my…

The name would suggest it :wink: but as mentioned that’s something to clarify with your host. Cloudflare is not really involved here, respectively only through your host’s agreement.

I am at a dead-end. My host is telling me to “You need to contact Cloudflare about it to check about it.”

It looks to me like a part of my website is served from Cloudflare and part from Ezoic. I don’t know…

What should Cloudflare do here? Your domain is not using them but uses your host’s nameservers and they pointed it to Cloudflare. I am afraid - as I mentioned - that’s something only your host can clarify and the screenshot you posted looks as if it was the right one. But again, something for your host.

You could ask them where Cloudflare would come in here. Except for the www record which they must have pointed towards Cloudflare, as they control your nameservers.

I’ve been told that some engineer from Cloudways is investigating this. Once I know more / is solved, I let you know.
Thank you for your time so far. :slight_smile:

No worries, and yes, Cloudflare is involved through their integration but that’s something they control and you can’t do anything here or only whatever they offer.

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