Cloudflare CDN/proxy active

Hi everyone,

I migrated my site off of Elementor Cloud to Cloudways just a few days ago. I have a dev helping me and he found an error: when we go to Cloudflare > DNS and proxy the A record and the www CNAME, the site goes blank and GTmetrix throws an error 551 unknown.

We thought maybe this is due to the old host (in our case Elementor Cloud) not completely clearing their records once deactivated… but are not sure. I am looking for help troubleshooting to figure out exactly what is going on and resolve the 551 unknown error!

Do you have any ability to check logs on your origin to see what the traffic trying to come in from Cloudflare looks like?

what’s your SSL/TLS mode set to on Cloudflare? I had one accidentally set to Flexible somehow, and when I tried to orange-cloud it, Cloudflare tried to connect to my origin via HTTP port 80; since my origin is configured to forward HTTP to HTTPS it created an infinite forwarding loop. But checking the logs on my origin it was easy to see that the traffic from Cloudflare was hitting my port 80 vhost

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