Cloudflare cdn only for subdomain routs on dnssimple


I am breaking my head on this and I cant seem to figure it out.

My dns provider is dnssimple. On it, I have a domain, lets call it

I want traffic that reaches the subdomain to pass through cloudflare, but the rest of the traffic should keep going through with dnssimple.

  1. I am unsure how to connect the site entity to dnssimple this way. I am also really confused on how you can define a site on cloudflare, without even validating that the domain is yours.
  2. I am unsure what to do with the nameservers provided by cloud flare.

Any advice or guides? The only thing I found was this:

But there is nothing there on how to actually achieve this!

Thank you,

That functionality is available on the Business and Enterprise plan. On the Free an Pro plans, you are expected to move the entire domain to Cloudflare DNS servers.

Alternatively, you could look into whether Cloudflare for SaaS provides what you need. If you have a domain with Cloudflare today, open the dashboard and go to SSL/TLS → Custom Hostnames. (The “Help” text appears to be a bit out of date as it talks about Enterprise. Should be available to all as pay-as-you-go.)

Edit: I now see that dnssimple have some integration with Cloudflare. Not familiar with that unfortunately. But the other advice should be applicable in general.

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